Process of HDD Mud Recovery Purification System

Horizontal directional drilling short name is HDD. This technology has wide application in oil and gas pipelines crossing the rivers, lakes, highway, railway hub and other obstacles and important area. HDD site is all in large no-excavation area and do not allow to make mud discharge randomly, so it is very important to equip with mud recovery system. TR Solids Control is a professional manufacture in designing and customizing HDD mud recovery purification system.

Mud recovery purification system for HDD trenchless, solid control units

500GPM HDD mud system, drilling waste management, mud cleaning system

The process of HDD mud recovery purification system:

The whole system consists of a mud recovery treatment unit and a mud preparation unit.

  1. Before construction, using mud mixing device to blend fresh water with mud material, achieving the purpose of mud preparation;
  2. Using mud pump to supply the prepared slurry to the wellhead;
  3. Return of waste mud from the wellhead is pumped to the shale shaker in the mud treatment unit, and the waste mud is removed through the mud shale shaker to remove a large amount of the waste solid particles. The treated slurry liquid will continue to be supplied to mud cleaner through sand pump, after treatment the liquid can meet using requirements. Because after this system treated, solid particles content in slurry liquid is 75 microns.
Drilling waste management, drilling fluid processing system, HDD mud cleaning system

HDD mud system, slurry treatment system, drilling fluids treatment system

The Function of HDD mud recovery purification system:

  1. You can recycle the used mud, and reduce construction costs;
  2. Reduce the preparation work of mud, also reduce labor cost.
  3. Reduce environmental pollution, and be friendly.
Solids liquids separation, drilling fluid treatment system, HDD mud system

HDD trenchless drilling site, mud recovery system for HDD No-dig project

TR Solids Control is a top manufacturer of Horizontal Directional Drilling(HDD) Mud Recovery Purification System. Our mud system has been exported to many countries for HDD and CBM drilling operation, especially popular in Romania, UAE, Nigeria, Indonesia, India, Argentina etc. TR Shale shaker, mud cleaner, desilter & desander, mud agitator, mud gun, jet mud mixer, centrifugal pump, screw pump, submersible slurry pump, shear pump are with good price and top quality. We will provide one-stop service to you!

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