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Mud Recycling System for Smaller HDD Rigs

Drilling mud recycling system has found favor with the mid-size rig contractors and are even being used with some mini-rigs today.

HDD Mud Recycling System,drilling fluids system

HDD Mud Recycling System,drilling fluids system

Although utilized by an elite group of river crossing contractors just a few years ago, drilling mud recycling system have found favor with the mid-size rig contractors and are even being used with some mini-rigs today. Advantages such as cleaner locations, less water hauled in and less mud hauled off, less drilling fluid products required to complete the bore, and reduction in labor cost and drilling time are now being had by contractors throughout the industry. Just as special care is taken in selection of drilling rigs, drill stem, bits and reamers, the same care should be taken in selecting a system and training operators.

mud recycling system,hdd mud system,drilling mud system

mud recovery system,hdd mud system,drilling mud system

We are an exporter of HDD mud recycling system.Our factory approval the API,Solids Control Equipment have the API certification.TR solids control is the designed,selling,production,service and delivery of Chinese mud solids control system manufacturer. We will provide the high quality drilling solids control equipment and best service.Your best hdd mud recovery system start from TR solids control.

Process of HDD Mud Recovery Purification System

Horizontal directional drilling short name is HDD. This technology has wide application in oil and gas pipelines crossing the rivers, lakes, highway, railway hub and other obstacles and important area. HDD site is all in large no-excavation area and do not allow to make mud discharge randomly, so it is very important to equip with mud recovery system. TR Solids Control is a professional manufacture in designing and customizing HDD mud recovery purification system.

Mud recovery purification system for HDD trenchless, solid control units

500GPM HDD mud system, drilling waste management, mud cleaning system

The process of HDD mud recovery purification system:

The whole system consists of a mud recovery treatment unit and a mud preparation unit.

  1. Before construction, using mud mixing device to blend fresh water with mud material, achieving the purpose of mud preparation;
  2. Using mud pump to supply the prepared slurry to the wellhead;
  3. Return of waste mud from the wellhead is pumped to the shale shaker in the mud treatment unit, and the waste mud is removed through the mud shale shaker to remove a large amount of the waste solid particles. The treated slurry liquid will continue to be supplied to mud cleaner through sand pump, after treatment the liquid can meet using requirements. Because after this system treated, solid particles content in slurry liquid is 75 microns.
Drilling waste management, drilling fluid processing system, HDD mud cleaning system

HDD mud system, slurry treatment system, drilling fluids treatment system

The Function of HDD mud recovery purification system:

  1. You can recycle the used mud, and reduce construction costs;
  2. Reduce the preparation work of mud, also reduce labor cost.
  3. Reduce environmental pollution, and be friendly.
Solids liquids separation, drilling fluid treatment system, HDD mud system

HDD trenchless drilling site, mud recovery system for HDD No-dig project

TR Solids Control is a top manufacturer of Horizontal Directional Drilling(HDD) Mud Recovery Purification System. Our mud system has been exported to many countries for HDD and CBM drilling operation, especially popular in Romania, UAE, Nigeria, Indonesia, India, Argentina etc. TR Shale shaker, mud cleaner, desilter & desander, mud agitator, mud gun, jet mud mixer, centrifugal pump, screw pump, submersible slurry pump, shear pump are with good price and top quality. We will provide one-stop service to you!

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HDD Mud Recycling System

HDD mud recycling system is designed for trenchless technology requirement. HDD mud recycling system is used for purify the underground mud in the horizontal directional drilling process. Using the shale shaker and mud cleaner to separate the bigger size solids out. Then using the jet mud mixer to add required chemicals and stir evenly to make sure the mud can reused. Use the mud pump to pump the mixed well mud to drilling system. TR Solids Control’s mud recycling system has good advantage of high treating capacity, convenient delivery and good quality. It is widely used in HDD trenchless filed, construction piling and CSM exploration.

HDD mud solids conyrol|HDD mud recovery system

TRHDD-1000 mud recovery system parameter

Model TRHDD-200 Model TRHDD-500 TRHDD-1000
Capacity 200GPM (50m3 /h) Capacity 500GPM (120m3 /h) 1000GPM (240m3 /h)
Desilter TRZS752S Shale Shaker TRZS703/TRZS585 TRZS703/TRZS585
Total area of upper screen 0.875m2 Total screen area 2.7m2 2X2.7m2
Total area of lower screen 1.35m2 Model of high-efficiency cleaner TRQJ250X1S-100X8N TRQJ250X2S-100X12N
Cyclone Specs 4″ Desander cyclone 10″×1pcs 10″×2pc
Cyclone Qty 4pcs Desilter cyclone 4″×8pcs 4″×12pcs
Model of feed pump TRSB4X3-12J Total area of underflow screen 1.35m2 2.12m2
Model of mixing pump TRSB4X3-11J Feed pump of cleaner TRSB6X5-11J  2pcs TRSB8X6-11J  2pcs
Model ofmixing hopper TRSLH100 Model of mixing pump TRSB6X5-12J TRSB8X6-12J
Total power 44kW Model of mixing hopper TRSLH150-35(37KW) TRSLH150-35(45KW)
Total volume 5m3 Model of agitator TRJBQ7.5 TRJBQ7.5
Total volume 4000×2360×2940mm Total power 130kW 184kW
Total weight 5500kg Total volume 15m3 30m3
    Total volume 10000×2360×4228mm 12100×2630×4438mm
    Total weight 17000kg 20000kg

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Manufacture: No.60 Caotang Industry Zone Huxian County Xi’an City.