Mud Recovery System

TR Solids Control Mud Recovery System, designed and manufactured to meet trenchless technology requirements at home and abroad and is applied in purification treatment of mud returned from underground during horizontal directional drilling process. Cuttings with big particle sizes are separated by shale shaker, mud cleaner and other solids control equipment. Mud materials required are added and evenly mixed for circulation via mud mixer to meet performance requirements for reuse. Mud is pumped into horizontal directional drilling mud system by mud pump for recycling. TR Solids Control HDD mud recovery system can remarkably improve mud treatment efficiency, reduce mud cost of horizontal directional drilling and greatly increase rate of penetration.

Mud Recycling System,Mud Recovery System

TRHDD-200 mud recovery system is mainly used in HDD projects with requirements on capacities below 200GPM. The biggest advantages of the system include small overall dimensions, small footprint and easier moving. The reason lies in adopting TRZS752S double layer linear shale shaker, which is a two-stage one developed by TR aiming at market demands. TRZS752S shale shaker is equipped with two layers of screens with different meshes, achieving two-stage screening function simultaneously. The benefits like compact structure, small size and light weight allow it to save installation space and transportation cost, greatly enhance operating efficiency and then effectively shrink overall dimensions of the Directional Drills Mud System.

In TR TRHDD-200 HDD Mud Recycling&Mixing System, all-in-one desilter TRZS752S uses TRZS752 double layer linear shale shaker. The upper screen serves as underflow screen of desilter cyclone and the lower one as shale shaker, and the equipment successfully integrates desilter and shale shaker, which minimizes equipment installation space and greatly saves manufacturing cost and use cost.

Mud Recycling System Supplier,Mud Recovery System Supplier

TRHDD-1000 mud recovery system parameter

Model TRHDD-200 Model TRHDD-500 TRHDD-1000
Capacity 200GPM (50m3 /h) Capacity 500GPM (120m3 /h) 1000GPM (240m3 /h)
Desilter TRZS752S Shale Shaker TRZS703/TRZS585 TRZS703/TRZS585
Total area of upper screen 0.875m2 Total screen area 2.7m2 2X2.7m2
Total area of lower screen 1.35m2 Model of high-efficiency cleaner TRQJ250X1S-100X8N TRQJ250X2S-100X12N
Cyclone Specs 4″ Desander cyclone 10″×1pcs 10″×2pc
Cyclone Qty 4pcs Desilter cyclone 4″×8pcs 4″×12pcs
Model of feed pump TRSB4X3-12J Total area of underflow screen 1.35m2 2.12m2
Model of mixing pump TRSB4X3-11J Feed pump of cleaner TRSB6X5-11J  2pcs TRSB8X6-11J  2pcs
Model of mixing hopper TRSLH100 Model of mixing pump TRSB6X5-12J TRSB8X6-12J
Total power 44kW Model of mixing hopper TRSLH150-35(37KW) TRSLH150-35(45KW)
Total volume 5m3 Model of agitator TRJBQ7.5 TRJBQ7.5
Total volume 4000×2360×2940mm Total power 130kW 184kW
Total weight 5500kg Total volume 15m3 30m3
Total volume 10000×2360×4228mm 12100×2630×4438mm
Total weight 17000kg 20000kg

TRHDD-500 Mud Recovery System

TR Solids Control TRHDD-500 mud recovery system is mainly used in HDD projects with requirements on capacities below 500GPM.

TRHDD-1000 Mud Recovery System
TR Solids Control TRHDD-1000 mud recovery system is mainly used in HDD projects with requirements on capacities below 1000GPM.

TR Solids Control a professional manufacture for HDD mud recovery system and exporter for Trenchless mud recovery. If you need Mud recovery system, please contact TR Solids Control. What’sApp:13186019379   Email:sales@trsolidscontrol.Com