Features of TR Shear Pump

Shear Pump is a new type equipment which provides the fast configuration and treatment mud for users. TR Shear Pump can effectively mix and completely hydrate the material added in the drilling fluid, save the mud material, reduce the time of configuration, also provide the high performance mud for the well drilling.

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Features of TRJBQ Series Shear Pump:

  1. Oil seal adopts imported fluorine plastic seal, with good cooling capacity.
  2. Bearings internationally renowned brands SKF, also quality assured.
  3. Using special impeller and shear board, shear efficiency> 95%.
  4. Material of mechanical seal is carbide alloy, its life is 5 times than normal.
  5. Pump shell wall is thick, made by casting mold. Wear-resistant, also fine appearance.
  6. Pump body adopts wear-resistant alloy cast iron, with longer service life.
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TRJQB pump uses to handle the high property mud, making the mud to obtain good rheological properties and to cut the drilling cost as much as possible. Currently it is widely used in trenchless HDD, oil & gas drilling, tunnelling construction, city bored piling, Oil Mud Seperation, also Drilling Waste Management, etc. We are welcome your inquiry!

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