Design Advantages of TRNJQ Mud Gun

Mud gun is a mud precipitation solids control equipment along with mud agitator in oil and gas drilling process. Its main power are source of mud pump or jet mud mixer. It is with a nozzle or multi-nozzles on the top of transfer pipe. Our TRNJQ series mud guns are light weight, small footprint and easy transportation. Especially, the nozzle can rotate 360° which can affuse muds into mud tank regularly. Other features include a 360° rotating swivel, and the ability to be customised to any length.

Mud gun for oil and gas drilling, API standard mud gun

Solid control mud guns, high pressure mud guns

Design advantages of TRNJQ mud gun:

  • Adopts high-speed jet nozzle, with strong stirring and shearing function.
  • Discharge nozzle are made from polyurethane material, with long service life.
  • Can be 360° all-round rotation, easy to operate.
  • Flexible on configuration of size and pressure rates.
  • Jet nozzle is both replaceable and wearable.
Drilling fluids mud gun, oilfield mud gun

Mud gun for HDD, new design drilling mud gun

The role of mud gun is the use of three-cylinder pump or centrifugal pump to provide a certain pressure to impact the bottom of tank sediment, and then stir the mixer to mix drilling fluid. It can also be used to clean the bottom of sediment. TRNJQ series mud gun is widely used in industries like oil & gas drilling, horizontal directional drilling, drilling waste management, coalbed methane, water drilling etc. It would be our pleasure to begin a business relationship with you and supply you with high quality mud guns.

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