Application of HDD Mud Recycling System

HDD mud recycling system is designed according to the requirements of trenchless technology. It’s applied to handle the returned mud from underground in Horizontal Directional Drilling. It can separate big particles by shale shaker and mud cleaner, then stirs the mud evenly by mud agitator. Finally we can recycle the mud by using centrifugal pump connected to horizontal directional drilling system.

Mud solid control, drilling waste management, HDD trenchless system, mud recycling system

HDD mud recycling system, HDD trenchless, drilling fluid treatment, mud cleaning system, mud solid control

Our 1000GPM HDD mud recycling system includes 2 sets shale shaker, 1 set mud cleaner, 3 sets centrifugal pump, 1 pc hopper, 1 set mud agitator, 1 set mud tank, 1 set guardrail walkway, 2 pcs explosion-proof lamp and 1 set electrical control. TR HDD mud recycling system can improve efficiency of the mud, reduce HDD slurry cost, and enhance drilling speed.

Model Capacity


Screen Area(m2) Purification Class Gross Power


Total Volume


TRMR-200 50 2.3 2 35 5
TRMR-500 120 4 3 125 15
TRMR-1000 240 6 3 185 30
Drilling fluids treatment system, drilling waste management, mud solid control, mud cleaning equipment, HDD

Waste water management, mud recycling unit, drilling waste cleaning, HDD mud system, HDD trenchless

We are professional in solids and liquids separation. TR Solid Control supplies top quality HDD mud recycling system according to your requirement. Welcome to check our facility.

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