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Shear Pump for Trenchless Tunneling Construction

TRJQB series shear pump is a special equipment in solids control system which can meet all customers’ requirements of preparing drilling fluids in oil drilling site. Its design has a special impeller structure, which produces a strong shear force when liquid flows. By smashing and dispersing chemical particles, soil and other solid phase in liquid flow, so that the liquid in the solid phase broken and distributed evenly. This ideal solids control equipment has high performance and gains customer’s good evaluation. Nowadays it is widely used in trenchless tunneling construction.

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Features of TRJBQ Series Shear Pump

  1. Pump shell wall is thick, made by casting mold. Wear-resistant, fine appearance.
  2. Pump body adopts wear-resistant alloy cast iron, with longer service life.
  3. Bearings are internationally renowned brands SKF, quality assured.
  4. Oil seal adopts imported fluorine plastic seal, with good cooling capacity.
  5. Material of mechanical seal is carbide alloy, its life is 5 times than normal.
  6. Using special impeller and shear board, shear efficiency> 95%.


Flow Rate Lift Motor Weight Dimension


150m3/h 45m 55kw 980kg 1050×1000×1360mm


100m3/h 35m 37kw 800kg


TRJBQ5430 60m3/h 30m 30kw 650kg


TRJBQ4330 40m3/h 30m 18.5kw 450kg


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TR Solids Control is a lead manufacturer of shear pump. Our shear pump is used to handle the high property mud, making the mud to obtain good rheological properties and to cut the drilling cost as much as possible. Welcome you to know more about our solids control equipment such as shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, shaker screen, mud agitator, centrifugal pump, jet mud mixer, etc.

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