Drilling fluids recovery system is designed for Trenchless project

Drilling fluids recovery system is specialized designed for Trenchless project.Its working principle is to simply separate the waste from drilling fluids, not all of the solids waste, it is just to separate the unnecessary parts. Like bentonite and some drilling fluids additives are solid state, while what we need is the tiny size, so it is much important that to measure the particle size, and the measure unit is always for μm. The system can separate 100μm and bigger particle from a 100μm screen.

Drilling fluids recovery system

It is important to realize that the correct mixer of bentonite for mud recovery system is sub-micron grade size, it means the bentonite is not easy to be separated from fluids. The size of the digged soil can range from 1000 microns to submicron according to the different formation drilling.

Clay is smaller than sand soil, while the rock cutting bigger than both. The smaller the particle size is, the more difficult the separation will be. In Trenchless industry, it is not economic to separate less than 20μm particle mostly, so the submicron bentonite cannot be separated from the common fluids recovery system. Our goal is to separate the waste, and make the fluids recycling during drilling.
So the fluids recovery system and the spare parts are all designed for the same goal.

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