Desander and Mud Tank Shipped to Horizontal Directional Drilling Field

One new client from horizontal directional drilling industry ordered TRCS250*2S desander, TRSB8 *6-13 centrifugal sand pump, TRHG40 mud tank (including 2*TRJBQ7.5 mud agitator, 1*TRSLH150-50 jet mud mixer). They have been completed on September 18th, arrived the drilling site and just finished installation at last week.

Desander, centrifugal pump for HDD field, TR solid control equipment

Drilling fluid desander, mud tank, centrifugal pump delivery

The client left our production cycle is very short, they required us to complete production and delivery in a week. We TR Solids Control always treat “Customer Satisfaction Is The Highest Pursuit” as our purpose, and put client’s benefit to the first place. So after receiving orders, we arranged workers to work overtime for the production. Finally hard work pays off, after days of joint efforts of our workers, we finished the production on time and delivered even at night.

Drilling mud tank, mud desander, centrifugal pump for HDD client

Mud tank, drilling fluid desander delivery, mud recycling system for HDD field

This batch equipment ordered from client are customized products. The bottom shaker used in TRCS250*2S desander is our TRZS703 double shaker, and the bottom screen of double shaker can be used as the first separation equipment in mud recycling site. The slurry back from mud pump can be directly into the bottom screen, and make the primary separation. The upper screen can be used as bottom shaker of desander, and it can recycle slurry liquid fully.

Mud pump, mud cleaning system, mud agitator, sand pump, TR solid control product

Horizontal directional drilling field, TR mud recycling system in site

TRHG40 mud tank produced for our client is made up of 1 set TRSLH150-50 jet mud mixer, 2 sets TRJBQ7.5 mud agitator, 40 square mud tank, electric control system, 2 pieces explosion-proof lights, ladder, guardrail and other components. The guardrail is detachable, and can be directly put down and hang on the tank during transportation. This reduces the time of demolition at the scene.

Mud pump, mud cleaning system, mud agitator, sand pump, TR solid control product

TR drilling desander in HDD site, centrifugal pump matched with desander

Are you finding a solid control manufacturer for your mud treatment problem? TR Solids Control is your best choice. As a professional and innovative specialist in this industry for more than 10 years, we could provide top quality solid control equipment and satisfying solution. Contact with us for more details about our desander, mud tank, shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, mud cleaner, mud agitator, vacuum degasser, shaker screen etc.!

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