Spare Parts of Centrifugal Pump Sent Abroad

On April 18th, TR completed the fabrication of centrifugal pump spare parts for our Australian customer finally. This order covers 100pcs pump heads and 50pcs pump shafts. They almost will be used to replace damaged spare parts in their Mission centrifugal pumps. Furthermore, our centrifugal pump can be totally replaceable with brand Mission centrifugal pump. Nowadays spare parts of our centrifugal pump are popular by customers. Besides, more and more contact with us for inquiries or orders.

Drilling fluid centrifugal pump, good quality centrifugal pump

Pump head for Mission sand pump, China mission sand pump supplier

Features of main spare parts of TR centrifugal pump:

  • Impeller with open vane structure

The open vane structure impeller reduces the shaft load to minimum, also more suitable for transferring high density and high viscosity mud.

  • Higher efficiency also longer service

The vane profile complying with the hydraulic principle, therefore increasing the output and efficiency. Utilizing wear-resistant materials for the key parts to prolong the service life.

  • Axial adjustment structure

Axial adjustment structure makes it free to adjust the clearance between impeller also mechanical seal, therefore ensuring equipment operation more reliable.

  • More choice

A variety of pump casing and impeller can meet different requirements of the customers.

  • The same power frame

The same power frame reduces the spare parts.

Centrifugal pump for oil & gas drilling, solid control centrifugal pump

Shaft for Mission sand pump, Centrifugal sand pump shaft for sale

Above all, if you are looking for good price spare parts which can be replaceable with Mission centrifugal pump, TR Solids Control is your good choice. Our pump spares have short delivery also high quality. In addition, we could provide variable mud system for your oil & gas drilling, horizontal directional drilling, also drilling waste management etc. Once you have any new requirement, we are welcome your inquiry!

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Sales office: No.10 West of North 2nd Ring Road Xi’an City.
Manufacture: No.60 Caotang Industry Zone Huxian County Xi’an City.


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