Shale Shaker Screens for New Customer

At the beginning of July, we completed a batch of shaker screens for new customer. They will be used on their Derrick FLC2000 shale shaker in oil drilling field. Usually shaker screen is fine mesh (single, dual or triple layered) used for filtering and separating drilling cuttings from mud(drilling fluid). It is of great importance to drilling efficiency. TR Solids Control is committed to designing high quality shaker screens to provide our clients the right screen for perfect fit at competitive price.

Polyurethane shaker screens, API PU shaker screen

Polyurethane shaker screens are sent to new customer.

As for this order, it includes 20pcs pyramid type with model number PMD48-30DX-A120 and 10pcs polyurethane type with model number TH48-30X0.15MTC. Mesh sizes of pramid shaker screen are smaller and thinner than that of the steel frame shaker screen. The fine mesh sizes maximize the solids removal capabilities of the screen. It is suitable for various types of shakers, such as linear motion shale shakers, elliptical and circular motion shale shakers. Polyurethane type screen panel is made of polyurethane sheet with high quality screen surface. This kind of screen is abrasion resistance and much longer service life than the Woven Wire Screen.

Pyramid shaker screens, oil drilling shaker screen

Pyramid shaker screens will be used in FLC2000 shale shaker.

TR shale shaker screens are available for FLC Series, Brandt VSM, Cobra Series, Swaco Mongoose and KEM-TRON shale shakers. We accept customized shale shaker screens according to client’s design. Till now, we have been the leading China OEM supplier of good quality and high performance shaker screens for over 11 years. Our shaker screen has exported to many countries like Argentina, Singapore, Egypt, Indonesia, Thailand, US, Pakistan, Dubai, Iraq, India, South Africa, Nigeria, Canada and so on.

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