Reactor System For Energy Company

After month’s design, production and debugging, finally we accomplished a big set of reactor system for a marine energy company. It will be used for for crude oil treatment and recovery. Although there are many challenges firstly, our team tried best to study and learn for all equipment needed in this system. The customer is so pleased with our co-design and work. They would like to order more sets for other projects soon.

Good price reactor vessel, hi shear transfer pump

China reactor system supplier, crude oil treatment system

This main reactor system consists in two big reactor vessels, three chemical injection pumps, one asphalt transfer pump, one hi shear transfer pump, four flange type immersion heaters for reactors, control cabinet and power cables for the main items, and other connections, hoses and valves etc. Customer has strict requirement for the material of all equipment, since the main transfer medium is formic acid and other corrosive item. So we adopt stainless steel 304 material for most units. Reactor system is the common part in crude oil treatment, now it’s increasing required in international market.

Asphalt transfer pump for sale, crude oil treatment equipment

Reactor system for crude oil treatment, chemical injection pump

TR Solids Control is a well-known of solid control equipment manufacturer in China. We also supply customized service for your requirements. Currently our equipment and mud system are widely used in oil and gas drilling, horizontal directional drilling, oil sludge treatment, drilling waste management, tunneling construction, city bored piling, and so on. If you have any inquiry lately, welcome to contact with us now!

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