New Batch Solids Control Equipment Sent to Oil & Gas Drilling Site

TR Solids Control is known as solids control equipment manufacturer in China. One of the fields where our solution can be applied is oil and gas drilling. Recently, our previous customer had an urgent requirement about new batch of solids control equipment for supporting their oil & gas drilling project. This project is located in the desert of Chinese Inner Mongolia, where have rich oil and gas storage but harsh environment. After half a month manufacturing, these equipment are finished and delivered to the site urgently.

TR solids control equipment, liquid gas separator, mud desander, hydrocyclones, oil & gas drilling

Solids control equipment, drilling desander, liquid gas separator, decanter centrifuge, oil and gas drilling solids control

This order is made up of 1 set TRLW450×1000 decanter centrifuge, 2 sets TRZS585 shale shakers, 1 set TRCS250×2S drilling desander, 1 set TRZYQ1000 liquid gas separator, 1set TRYPD-20/3 flare ignition device and related blowout pipelines. One of our technicians was sent to deliver and help them to install these equipment. After arriving drilling site, customer was satisfied with our equipment and service. They choose to establish long-term cooperation with us. It is the biggest inspiration for all of TR people.

Derrick shale shaker, mud desander, desilter, mud gas separator, drilling fluid centrifugal, drilling solids control

Drilling fluid desander, shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, liquid gas separator, top quality solids control equipment

TR solids control equipment and mud recycling system keep your project and cost under control. As a matured member of this field, we can provide a wide variety of linear and balanced elliptical motion shakers, mud cleaners, desanders, desilters, degasser,and decanter centrifuges, or some related facilities such as mud tank, water tank, mud gun etc.

Contact Us: Maggie Xian|Sales Manager
Sales office:No.10 West of North 2nd Ring Road Xi’an City.
Manufacture: No.60 Caotang Industry Zone Huxian County Xi’an City.






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