Mud Agitators for Russian Oilfield Site

Mud agitator is mainly installed on the storage mud tank in drilling solids control system. It can not only be used to mix the mud material to make it more fully merge with the water, but also can be used to prevent the mud from settling. Recently, TR Solids Control is preparing to ship 3pcs mud agitators ordered by a Russian customer. They will eventually be used in a foreign well-known drilling company in their oilfield site.

Mud agitator for oil and gas, drilling fluid mud agitator

New mud agitators will be ready for Russian client.

The motor power of these mud agitators is 15kw(20HP). Impeller diameter is 950mm with speed 60/72r/min. We use 2pcs impellers for big power agitators. Since the agitators needs to be used in oilfield industry, the motors must be explosion-proof. TR explosion-proof standard is ExdllBt4. TR Solids Control can manufacture mud agitator with worm and wheel gearbox, also the agitator with helical bevel gear box. Our high performance, efficiency, and quality is appreciated by many old customers. Currently TRJBQ series mud agitator is widely used in oil drilling, natural gas drilling, shield construction, horizontal directional drilling, city bored piled and other non-excavation site mud mixing, etc.

Oilfield mud agitators, API standard mud agitator

Mud agitators will be used in a foreign well-known drilling company.

TR Solids Control is not only a manufacturer of mud agitators, but also solid control equipment, drilling waste management, solid-liquid separation system manufacturer in China. We supply integrating design, production, sales and customized service to clients. Till now, we have exported directly or sold with supporting drillers to more than 30 countries and regions in the world such as Russia, United States, Australia, Latin America and the Middle East, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Africa etc.

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