Mud Agitators for Malaysia Drilling Company

It is during a rush season and the work in our factory is in a more busy period lately. At the beginning of this week, our workers finished 5pcs TRJBQ7.5 horizontal mud agitators in the workshop. They are matched with explosion-proof control cabinets for each piece as a whole set. These are purchased by our new Malaysian customer for their horizontal directional drilling field. Later they will arrange the pickup to the sea port.

TRJBQ7.5 mud agitators, drilling fluid mud agitator

5pcs TRJBQ7.5 horizontal mud agitators will be delivered.

Although the price of motor and gearbox on mud agitators have risen a lot at this year, we adhere to strict production philosophy, and continue to provide customers with high-quality mud agitators. Our TRJBQ7.5 mud agitators are completed with 2pcs blades with blade diameter 650mm. Blade speed is 60/72 r/min. Currently we can manufacture mud agitator with worm and wheel gearbox, also the agitator with helical bevel gear box is available. The latter one will transfer more efficient to shaft, which saves more energy than common worm and wheel gearbox. No matter for horizontal or vertical mud agitator, there is helical bevel gearbox available.

Mud agitator for HDD, horizontal mud agitators

Mud agitators will be used in Malaysia HDD Company.

TR Solids Control is a professional manufacturer for solids control equipment in China. We have designed lots of high-quality products, and JBQ series mud agitator is one of them. To keep both mud uniformity and suspension of solids, mud agitator is used to agitate the mud consecutively and reliably. Till now, our mud agitators have been exported to Russia, America, Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, African, Australia, Europe etc. We sincerely welcome friends from all over the world to visit our factory and guide our work.

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