Mini Mud Treatment System Shipped to South Africa

At the end of October, TR Solids Control completed a batch of mini mud treatment system package for South Africa clients after days of production, assembly and commissioning. This mud system will be applied in their local HDD trenchless field. The total capacity is up to 100m3/h.

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The mini mud treatment system consists of 4 main modules which are mud tank module, mud agitator module, jet mud mixer module, shear pump module.The design capacity is 100 m3/h and can meet the needs of mud treatment on HDD construction site. At present, this kind of mini mud recovery system designed and manufactured by TR Solids Control has characteristics of compact design, easy transportation, quick delivery time, high efficiency and low construction cost. It could reduce mud usage and environment pollution, so that it is widely used not only in the field of No-dig drilling site, but also in oil & gas drilling, bored pile construction, tunnelling construction, and get a lot of recognition by our customers.

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TR Mud Treatment System and Solid Control Equipment are widely used for oil gas drilling, horizontal direction drilling, water well drilling, mining, and construction mud treatment. We have the one stop turn-key solutions for you from shale shaker, shaker screen, desander, desilter to decanter centrifuge. TR not only provide individual equipment but also we provide customized package system.

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