Main Structure of TR Decanter Centrifuge

Decanter centrifuge is the fourth solid control facility in processing drilling fluid. Main unit of Centrifuge is made up of bowl, conveyor(screw propeller), big end bearing plate, small end bearing plate, differential, main drive motor, auxiliary drive motor, hydraulic coupling, bearing seat, rotating body shield, drive shield, transmission belt, control box, and the base, etc. Bowl and conveyor(screw propeller) are core components of decanter centrifuge. Solid phase separation of drilling fluid is proceed here.

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Precision and quality of parts manufacturing directly affect centrifuge’s solid phase separation effect and service life. Bowl is made of a cylindrical cylinder and a conical cylinder. Cylindrical cylinder for solid phase subsidence area, meanwhile conical cylinder for dehydration area. There are eight overflow openings in the big end plate of the bowl. And adjustable overflow plate on overflow hole, which adjusts depth of the liquid level inside cylinder by changing the different positions of the baffle, so as to realize different separation effect.

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On the small end circle of the bowl, there are two rows of staggered 28 tungsten carbide nozzles, which separates solid phased particles within the bowl under effect of the centrifuge discharged here. Among inner surface of cylinder rods can form a solid phase layer due to the effect of rod. This stops the circular motion of solid layer, thus protecting bowl inner wall from wearing. Bowl cover is composed of box cover and lower box, connected with hinges. Lower box is divided into two separate chambers with baffle, by the big end side of chamber to collect liquids phase from overflow opening. We welcome your inquiry of our decanter centrifuge!

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